• Delmas Mattress

    Delmas Works for mattresses and upholstery based in the manufacturing of its products to provide quality, comfort and safety to its customers ..... Accordingly, the company achieved Delmas convenience to its customers through manufacturing precision and quality of products we rely on raw materials in our manufacturing high-quality customer satisfaction and enjoy a quiet and comfortable sleep through the use of our products.

    If you are looking for a quiet sleep and a comfortable mattress you are looking for Delmas Works.

    If you are looking for strength and durability, good taste, this is what Emezmratb Delmas. If you are looking for security, we are one of the first companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which gives guarantee full replacement within 24 months and ten years to ensure the chassis and this place our confidence in the products of the Delmas. If you are looking for standards of research and development and technical competence All the engineers, technicians and workers Delmas Works hands of trained experts specialize in the manufacture of mattresses, furniture making Delmas eligible to compete in the strong internal and external markets If you are looking for attractive design, implementation and accuracy you are looking for Delmas Works.

    The after-sales service and our belief in its importance Vharsna Aolaenaha lost interest as the company's customer satisfaction is our goal. For these factors, the grace of God We were deployed in the Egyptian market and our products are trusted by the client from Alexandria to Aswan, and became the ranking of the best Delmas mattress and spread in the Egyptian market and that we were interested to go out to the foreign market.

  • Dear Customer .............

    We discussed a lot we found that the aspirations of the client is the quality and price, accuracy, and excellent taste and find it a difficult equation increased in our search to achieve this equation, and already we have achieved this with Quality + price distinct + accuracy in the Manufacturing + taste = attractive designs and products Delmas Hence all ....We Delmas ...... dream became reality.